根據安省條例,加華乒協將於7月16日重新開放。 由於疫情波動及不明朗因素影響下, 本會將暫時採取下列之改動及措施:

  • 使用証–即日起衹接受半年期申請 (凡報名者可獲贈高質名牌運動恤乙件,送完即止。)
  • 球會套票及單次入場券將繼續提供
  • 持有2020-2021年使用証者,無需任何费用, 可繼續享用。 (本會亦預留高質名牌運動恤乙件。歡迎安排到取。)
  • 必需接受體温檢測,方可進入塲館。
  • 如發現有病徵者,將會被要求離開。
  • 在場館內請保持2米距離;
  • 不打球時,請佩戴口罩。
  • 如超過政府規定人數,將採取輪班制,
  • 每2小時轉換一次。



According to Ontario’s regulations, the Canadian Community Table Tennis Association will reopen on July 16. Due to the fluctuating and uncertain factors of the pandemic situation, we will temporarily adopt the following changes and measures:

  • Membership – Only half-year applications will be accepted until further notice. (Applicants will receive one high-quality brand-name sports shirt, while supplies last.)
  • Multi-pass ticket package and Single admission tickets will continue to be provided.
  • Holders of the 2020-2021 user permit can continue to use the facility without any fees. (We also reserve a high-quality brand-name sports shirt. Please arrange to pick it up.)
  • You must undergo a temperature test before you can enter the venue. If people with symptoms are found, they will be asked to leave.
  • Please maintain your 2 meters distance inside the facility; when not playing, please wear a mask.
  • If the number of people exceeds the government regulations, a rotation system will be adopted and the rotation will be performed every 2 hours.

If there are any special changes, we will try our best to provide a 30 days notice. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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